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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Graduate Financial Aid

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Several types of financial aid are available to graduate students. Applicants must be admissible to a graduate program, have an outstanding academic record and present favorable recommendations. Students admitted conditionally are not normally eligible for graduate financial aid until all conditions have been met. The academic deans make most financial aid appointments.

No student may hold both a fellowship and any other assistantship concurrently. Inquiries regarding graduate financial aid may be directed to the appropriate school/college.

The following appointments are available:

  • Teaching, Research, or Graduate Assistantships provide a partial or whole tuition grant and often include a stipend for the academic year for teaching assignments, or equivalent research and/or departmental duties. The maximum assignment is two classes or three labs each semester, or equivalent research duties or a combination of research and teaching duties.
  • Fellowships and Scholarships provide tuition grants (Fellowships also include a stipend) and require no duties. Most appointments are for 9 or 12 months.
  • Technology Resources Graduate Assistantships provide tuition and stipends for an academic year. These appointments require half-time duties in Technology Resources and are available to graduate students regardless of field or specialization. Summer half-time appointments are also available.

Financial Support
Graduate assistantships, fellowships, scholarships and departmental aid are awarded and governed by individual academic units and appointing departments. A student should contact the appointing department or academic unit to obtain information.