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College Access Loan (Texas Residents)

There is no change to the fixed interest rate of 5.20% for 2020-2021

The College Access Loan is available from the state of Texas for certain students who are Texas residents.  You must have submitted a FAFSA or TASFA.

Eligibility: The student will be the borrower, and traditional undergraduate student will require a credit-worthy cosigner to qualify. Spouses are not eligible to cosign on this loan.

Credit Qualifications

Students or cosigners must:

  • have an Experian Vantage score of 650 or higher; 
  • Not have public records such as tax liens or bankruptcy proceedings; 
  • Have a minimum of 5 credit trade lines; excluding student loans or authorized user accounts; 
  • Not have defaulted on any federal or private education loans.

Loan Terms: Effective 05/01/2020, the CAL has a fixed interest rate of 5.20%.  Repayment begins 6 months after the date you (the student) are no longer enrolled at least half-time (or after you graduate). No origination fee will be assessed for all approved borrowers; an Experian VantageScore of 650 required for approval. Balances under $30,000 have a ten-year repayment period; balances of $30,000 or more are paid over twenty years. Postponements of loan repayment and income-sensitive or graduated repayment schedules are available.

Apply online at

For information regarding using these funds for summer school, please see summer financial aid.


Important: If you will be applying for a CAL loan for summer as well as a CAL for fall/spring, you must wait for a minimum of 2 weeks between these applications. (See the summer financial aid page for more details regarding summer financing.)

Processing time on state loan programs is approximately 3-4 weeks.