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Recommended Lender Selection

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TCU offers a list of recommended lenders as a service for our students who do not already have a lender in mind for their educational loans.

Each year, we conduct an extensive analysis of each lender’s products, services, and policies. We feel confident that the lenders we suggest to students and families will provide service and value that is at the top of the industry.

  • Students and parents are not required to use a lender on TCU’s recommended list. TCU will certify, without unnecessary delay, any student loan application submitted by an eligible borrower, regardless of the lender providing the loan.
  • TCU does not “co-brand” education loan products with lenders. That is, we do not allow lenders to use our name or logo to market products to our students.
  • TCU makes every effort to notify students of the lowest cost loans available. Before assisting eligible students in securing private loans, we award students any eligibility they may have for lower cost federal or state loans.
  • None of the lenders on our recommended lists are owned by the same parent company or are otherwise affiliated

Criteria Used to Evaluate Lenders

Technology/Processing Methods

  • Electronic signature and disbursement capability
  • Compatible with TCU’s loan process and procedures
  • Technology used to ensure timely processing of applications and disbursements
  • Website functionality and ease of use

Customer Service

  • Previous experience with lender’s customer service to school
  • Feedback from borrowers
  • Availability of dedicated personnel to address school and borrower needs


  • Private loan Interest rates and fees, as compared with competitors
  • Cosigner release and hardship forbearance available on private loan

Other Information

  • Financial Literacy / smart borrowing info available online for borrowers