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Summer Aid

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TCU has allocated additional institutionally funded financial aid to assist with summer school costs. 

Students will need to submit the 2024-2025 FAFSA and the TCU Summer School Aid Application through their MyTCU portal for summer aid.  Students must be enrolled in summer hours before financial aid will be disbursed. Changes to enrollment hours may result in aid adjustments. 

  • The TCU Summer School Aid Application is located in your MyTCU portal under the Financial Aid Tile, aid year 2024-2025, left-hand menu.
Enrollment Financial Aid options for Summer
FAFSA 1 hour or more TCU Summer Grant 
FAFSA 1 hour or more/Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress Federal Pell Grant
FAFSA 6 hours or more/Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress PLUS loans-must have 2024-2025 FAFSA on file at TCU; parents of dependent undergraduate students can apply online with US Dept of Education
FAFSA 6 hours or more/Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress College Access Loans-certain students may have summer eligibility for College Access Loans - scroll down for details
No FAFSA / Less than 6 hours Private loans-students can apply online with lender of their choice

Summer 2024 tuition rate is $1,985 per credit hour.

Disbursement of summer financial aid: Most loan options listed above are limited to students who are enrolled at least half-time except private loans. Due to federal regulations, state statute, and TCU policy loan funds from federal or state cannot be disbursed until a student begins the half-time study. For example, the student is enrolled in 6 hours during the first five week session=disbursement is the first day of the first five-week session. 

Federal/Private Loans

  • All students needing funding for any summer school term may begin applying for loans in April 2024.
  • Please apply for your summer needs ONLY by choosing a loan period of 5/15/24 to 8/11/24 and by limiting your loan amount to the funding you will need for that time period.
  • Additional loan applications should be completed for fall and spring costs once the student has received an award notification email for those semesters.
  • Loan applications that are processed by the same lender and within 90 days of one another will most often result in only one inquiry to the students and/or cosigner’s credit. Check with your lender to confirm their credit application policies.
  • Some undergraduate students who plan to graduate in August 2024 or December 2024 may receive student Federal Direct Loans and PLUS Loans (parent) in summer if enrolled in 6 or more hours. A student may also request that they receive student Federal Direct Loans disbursed in 3 equal disbursements for summer/fall/spring if in 6 or more hours each semester. 

College Access Loan 

Texas residents who are enrolled at least half-time for summer 2024 may apply for the College Access Loan (CAL) from the state of Texas. To be eligible, undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours for the summer semester, and have a 2024-2025 FAFSA on file at TCU. Important: If you will be applying for a CAL loan for summer as well as a CAL for fall/spring, you must wait for a minimum of 2 weeks between these applications.

The CAL will require a credit-worthy cosigner if the student’s credit is not sufficient. Click here to get more information and apply online.

Undergraduate students who are eligible for CAL in fall 2024 and spring 2025 will have the option included in their financial aid award package.

Please be sure to periodically check “Requested Information” on the financial aid website for any outstanding information needed to process your application. Awards will not disburse until all outstanding documents are submitted.