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Scholarships & Financial Aid

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TCU welcomes students from all over the world. Our international students contribute to our diverse learning environment and our commitment to global citizenship.

Scholarships & Aid

Two types of financial assistance are available for incoming international students:  scholarships based on academic achievement and need-based financial aid. International students are only considered for financial aid awards as entering first-year or transfer students. 

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What’s the Cost?

The main costs to attend TCU as an international student include tuition and fees, average living expenses (food, housing, books, transportation) and required health insurance.

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Payment Procedures & Immigration Requirements

Applicants requiring visas must demonstrate the ability to pay for their educational and living costs by submitting a TCU Financial Statement.

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The statement requires signatures of the applicant and his or her sponsor, along with letters from the sponsor’s employer and bank. Supporting documents must indicate the sponsor’s average monthly balance for the past year and the current balance. Documents must verify that the sponsor has sufficient funds currently in his or her bank account to cover an entire year of expenses and sufficient resources for all following years. The Financial Statement, along with a non-refundable enrollment fee, must be submitted before an I-20 or IAP-66 (needed to obtain a visa) will be issued.

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Campus Jobs

Students may apply for campus jobs after registering for classes at TCU. During the school year, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week on campus, although most work 10-15 hours. Full-time (about 40 hours per week) campus employment is allowed during the summer and when classes are not in session. Since there is no guarantee of employment, students should not rely on this income to cover basic expenses. Off-campus employment is not permitted for students on F-1 or J-1 visas.