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See Graduate Aid FAQs

Fall loan disbursement/s and financial aid awards may credit students' accounts beginning 10 days before classes start. Disbursements and loans and other financial aid awards are contingent on the student's enrollment and completion of all required forms and documents. Check – Financial Aid – Requested Information to verify what items TCU has requested.

Students can check – Student Accounts to review for financial aid credits. Our office will also send notification by email when loan funds have credited to the student’s account.

You can request a check refund on Student Account-Account Inquiry-Request a Refund.   You can find more information at or by contacting Student Financial Services at 817-257-7836 (Sadler Hall Room 104) between 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.

Student can view their balance as well as debits and credits on their student account.
Students can go to – Financial Aid – Requested Information to see if the FAFSA has been received and to see any forms or documents that are requested.  We will also notify you by email when forms or documents have been requested.
If you have submitted all your forms, you will be receiving your financial aid award over the course of the next few weeks.  My priority is awarding the summer school students first, new students and then returning students.  You will be notified to view and accept your financial aid award at – Financial Aid.
Yes. The Texas Residency Form is a more detailed form to help determine if you are a Texas resident by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s standards.
If all requested documents and forms are complete, awarding for summer school will be taking place over the next few weeks.   We will send you notification of your financial aid award when your award has been completed.
After you have accepted your loan/s, you will be notified by our office if you need to guarantee your loans through the Loans By Web process.
After acceptance of your award and completion of any required forms or loan processes, the summer disbursement/s may be applied to the student’s account by mid-May (the earliest funds can be received).  Our office will notify you when the loan funds have been received and credited to your Student Account.  You can also review your Student Accounts for the credit of the loans.
Certain requirements have to be met before we request the lender to send the funds at the appropriate time.  The student must be enrolled and all requested information must be completed.  Please make sure you have completed all requested information on Aid–Requested Information.
We do not have access to the status of your MPN.  You will need to contact your lender/servicer regarding the status of your loan and MPN.
Fall loan disbursement/s may credit the student’s account the week prior to the start of the Fall semester.  Receipt of loan disbursements is dependent on the student being enrolled and completion of all required forms and documents.