Financial Aid For Graduate Students

Loan Processes 2018-2019

Federal Direct Loans

  • Based on the results of the FAFSA, you may be offered funding through the Federal Direct Loan program. The annual loan limit for the Direct Unsubsidized Loan for graduate students is $20,500. Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loans first disbursed before 7/1/18 have an interest rate of 6.00% + 1.0669% origination fee. The interest rate changed on  7-1-18 to 6.60%; origination fee changed 10-1-18 to 1.062%.
  • Completing your Direct Loan process may require additional loan processes.
    1. Accept your Direct Loan award in the TCU portal at – Financial Aid – Accept/Decline Financial Aid.
    2.TCU may notify you via email to complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) for your Federal Direct Loan and/or complete loan entrance counseling. Go to and click on the Log In button. You will need your FSA ID to log in. Click on Complete Loan Agreement for a Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan (MPN). TCU will receive electronic confirmation that you have completed the MPN process. It may take a couple of days for this to show as completed on the web portal.
    3. Entrance Counseling is required before you can receive your first Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan as a student, or your first Direct PLUS Loan as a graduate/professional student. Click on Complete Entrance Counseling.  TCU will be notified electronically that you have completed this step.


Other Loan Options

The Federal Direct Loan Program has an annual loan limit of $20,500 for graduate students. If you anticipate needing more than $20,500 for the 2018-2018 academic year, you may need to consider applying for an additional loan. Click below to compare the different loan types available.

General Loan Comparison Information

Remember, your requested loan amount is only for the 2018-2019 academic year, which includes summer 2018 through spring of 2019. (Loan Payment Calculator)


Loan Disbursements

Summer Loans

Summer loans will disburse on the first day of the student’s first summer class if enrolled for at least halftime (3 hours).

The TCU Financial Aid Office will notify you by TCU email when loan funds have credited your student account. However, you can review – Student Center – Account Inquiry for your financial aid credits and account balance.

Disbursement of loans is contingent upon enrollment of classes and completion of the requested form(s). It may take 3-5 days after enrollment for loans to credit a student’s account.

Once your financial aid has disbursed and if you have a credit on your student account, you can submit an online refund request to Financial Services (Sadler 2011). (Click here for more information about credit balance refunds.)


Debbie Mar, Graduate Senior Financial Aid Advisor
Financial Aid
Sadler Hall Room 3101