Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy For Graduate And Professional Students

Graduate students are subject to the academic performance standards of their area of study. As long as students are allowed to continue in the degree program, they are considered to be making satisfactory academic progress.

Students are expected to complete master’s degree requirements, including thesis if required, within a period of five years from the date of the earliest credit to be counted on the degree (including transfer credit, if any). Students can contact their individual department for exceptions to this requirement. The work for the PhD degree must be completed within six years after the student has been admitted to candidacy and within seven years of the start of the program. Extension of time must be applied for in writing through the chair of the major department.

Students who are determined as not meeting satisfactory academic progress will not be eligible for financial aid unless they file an appeal with the financial aid office and it is approved.


Debbie Mar, Graduate Financial Aid Advisor
Financial Aid
Sadler Hall Room 3101