How to request a free tax transcript from the IRS

TCU Federal Verification Process – Tax Return Transcripts


Some FAFSAs are selected for a process called “verification.” If yours is selected, TCU is required to review your FAFSA data and may ask for additional documentation.

If TCU has asked you to submit an IRS Tax Return Transcript, you can request a free copy by mail, or by phone. Call 800-908-9946 to request the transcript by phone, and expect it to be mailed to you within 8 weeks. Alternatively, you can visit your local IRS Office in person.

Tax transcripts are usually available about two weeks after you submit your tax return if you file taxes electronically.

To make your request by mail, go to to get started.

Get your Tax Return Transcript by Mail

Start at, and click on the “Get Transcript by Mail” icon.

Enter the primary tax filer’s SSN, birthdate, and address and click “Continue.”

Select “TAX RETURN TRANSCRIPT” as the type of transcript you want, and the appropriate year, and click “Continue.”

TIP: The correct year will be the “prior-prior year” for the FAFSA you’ve submitted recently – for example, if TCU has recently received your 2017-2018 FAFSA and asked you to send in your tax return transcript, we need the 2015 year transcript.

The next screen should tell you that the IRS has received your transcript request and will be mailing it to your address on file with them. They ask that you allow 5-10 days to receive it by mail.

TIP: If you filed jointly, and you are not listed first on your tax filing, you will get a message that there is no tax return available for you. The primary tax filer’s information (SSN, date of birth) must be used to request the transcript by mail.

TIP: If you haven’t filed your taxes yet for the most current year, or if you’ve filed very recently, when you click the year you will get a “verification of non-filing” letter. This does not need to be sent to TCU unless we have requested it specifically because you will not file taxes.

When you receive your Tax Return Transcript, you can scan the document and save this as a PDF on your computer and then students may securely upload documents at (Financial Aid Requested Information). If you prefer, you may save and fax it to 817-257-7462. Please include your TCU student ID number on all documents you send us.