Financial Aid For Graduate Students

Financial Aid Process

1. Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at If you have filed this form before, you can file a renewal FAFSA.

  • TCU’s school code is 003636.
  • Information on FSA ID requests for new or forgotten numbers is on the FAFSA website.

2. The TCU Portal at is used by students to access financial aid information, register for classes, access financial account information, update addresses, view grades and other information. You will need to create an account at to get started.

  • Create an Account
    Go to and click on the “Need a TCU User Name?” You will need your TCU ID for login. Follow the instructions to select a username and password. Your birthday will serve as your temporary password.
  • Log on to
    Once an account is created, you can go to – Financial Aid – Requested Information to check for forms requested, see the status of your checklist items (such as the FAFSA) and other information from Financial Aid. Remember to check your account frequently to see if additional forms have been requested.

3. TCU Email

  • Communication with TCU students, such as communications for requested documents/forms, notification of financial aid awards and loan processes, will be sent to TCU email addresses. Check your TCU email frequently.
  • TCU email will be activated when student is in an admitted status and after student has set up the account on the web portal. Incoming students’ email becomes active for the incoming semester as follows: Fall – 235 days before the beginning of the semester, approximately December 27. Spring – 105 days before the beginning of the semester, approximately October 1. Summer – 137 days before the beginning of the semester, approximately December 28.
  • To access your email account, access from the TCU portal or open a window and enter and then enter your TCU username and password.

4. Additional Form(s) to Submit to TCU

  • TCU Supplemental form – Once TCU receives the electronic results from your FAFSA, we will request a TCU Supplemental Information Form and may also request additional supporting documentation. Please submit any requested information to the TCU Financial Aid office as soon as possible. For incoming graduate students, do not complete the TCU Supplemental Information Form until you have received an email notification from our office to complete this form. Completing the TCU Supplemental Form before being notified to submit it may cause a delay to your financial aid award.
  • Additional forms – can be downloaded at, click on Financial Aid – Forms Library.

5. Notification of Financial Aid

  • After TCU has received all requested forms, the Financial Aid Office will notify you via your TCU email to access your financial aid package at, click on Financial Aid – Accept/Decline Financial Aid.
  • Most loan amounts will be awarded to be disbursed in equal amounts over student’s enrollment period of the academic year. Summer term starts the academic year. Acceptance of loan award/s for an amount less than the offered amount will also be disbursed in equal amounts over student’s enrollment period. To see a breakdown by terms of your financial aid award, go to View My Financial Aid and click on View Awards by Terms/Print. Click on Award Messages to review any messages associated with your financial award or revised award.
  • After you have accepted your loan(s), you will receive notification from our office on the next steps in the loan process.
  • Additional Loan Eligibility award is informational only and you cannot accept it. This is the amount you can borrow through other loan options up to your Cost of Attendance.

Click below to view more information about loan processes:

Loan information


Debbie Mar, Graduate Senior Financial Aid Advisor
Financial Aid
Sadler Hall Room 3101