TCU Federal Verification Process – FAFSA/ IRS Data Retrieval Tool


For easier, more accurate, and more efficient FAFSA processing, all filers are encouraged to use the IRS DATA Retrieval Tool  to import their income and tax information from the IRS website. Data Retrieval saves time and decreases the probability of TCU needing to request copies of tax documents later.

TCU recommends that FAFSA applicants complete their taxes early and then use the IRS Data Retrieval within the FAFSA on the Web to import their tax information directly into their FAFSA. 

Even if you didn’t use Data Retrieval when you filed your first FAFSA, you can go back to FAFSA on the Web and make a correction to choose the IRS Data Retrieval tool and resubmit the FAFSA.

FAFSA correction – adding Data Retrieval after your first FAFSA has been filed:



Using IRS Data Retrieval

How does the IRS Data Retrieval Tool work?



If you’ve been told you are not eligible to use the Data Retrieval process, here’s how you can request a free tax transcript.